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Our fitted furniture is made to custom fit your house. We work in a vairety of materials , including real wood ,veneers, decorative ply, pre finished boards and standard hand painted MDF.

 There are hundreds of different details and fittings that can be added to achieve certian looks and styles. Internals such as draws, shelving, hanging rails, lighting and mirrors can all be done to your exact specification, including cable management and connections for media units. Exterior choices such as mouldings, skirtings, cornices, panels and beading can all be matched to existing period room features.

Explore the gallery section for a few recent projects , or get touch any more specific examples. 

Media Units

Intergrate the latest audio and visual equipment into your room with a custom media unit. Made bespoke to match the period style of the room , or perhaps something new and contemporary.   Media units not only offer the pracicality of a storage unit or bookshelf, but its a great way to discretely set up your home cinema or HIFI within a room. Everything is incorporated into the build to leave you wire free!


Elegance and practicality in one, fitted bookcases can be made to match the period features of the room or stand out with a contemporary feel. Lighting can be incorporated, and units can build in many various types of wood and finish. Period beading and mouldings can be matched to existing features in the house to replicate existing furniture. 


We create custom units made to your exact specifications, or can fit off the shelf home brand kitchens, or perhaps a combination of the two. The majority of our work involves fitting off the shelf brand carcases, but often with a combination of custom made doors and real wood worktops. We use fully qualified plumbers and electricians for all connections. 

Alcove Units

Fitted alcove units are the ideal way to utilise akward spaces by providing storage but can also enhance the entire look of a room. Like the rest of our fitted furniture, panels, mouldings and details can all be designed to match period features. Options such as adjustable shelves and inset lighting and media connectivity are all available.



Bring some order to your bedroom with a custom built wardrobe.  A wide variety of modern or traditional styles to perfectly fit your room. We design and install bespoke fitted wardrobes as no bedroom is ever the same shape or size.  We can build in many different  styles and finishes, as well as numerious internal options.  By using our  bespoke designs, your bedroom  ideas can easily be turned into reality.

Decking and Wooden Flooring

We fit a vaiety of real wood and engineered boards, including exterior decking. Options of pre finished, or vaious oils, stains and lacquers can match existing flooring in your house. 

Home Office

An increasingly common project for us in these days of remote working. 

Changing an empty room into a home office gives you the option of working professionally from home, rather than from a laptop on the sofa. Incorporating desktops, storage and media connections, a home office can help you and your business function without leaving the house. 

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