Bespoke Fitted Furniture. Project Management. Design and Build.
                Bespoke Fitted Furniture. Project Management. Design and Build. 

We create stylish fitted furniture which is beautifully designed to complement your home. Our fitted furniture can help you transform the look and feel of your living space. At Central London Carpentry we work with you to create a vision of your living space, looking at what inspires you and what styles could work to complement and connect with the rest of your home. With our bespoke approach, everything is possible. Whether you’re looking for classic living room furniture that fits seamlessly into your period home or a contemporary style for a more modern approach, we can design and build furniture to continually inspire. 


Bring some order to your bedroom with a made to measure custom built wardrobe.  A wide variety of modern or traditional styles to perfectly fit your room.

Shelving Units and Cabinets

Elegance and practicality in one, fitted shelving units can be made to match the period features of the room or stand out with a contemporary feel. 

Alcove Units

Fitted alcove units are the ideal way to utilise akward spaces by providing storage but can also enhance the entire look of a room. 

Media Units

Establish a modern feel to the room incorporating the latest sound and vision technology into a custom made piece of furniture. 

Decking and Wooden Flooring

Internal and external hardwood floors that will not only transform the appearance of a place but can also last a lifetime.

Home Office

Create a space at home for working and free thinking.

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